Peter Kennard


Peter Kennard:

Peter Kennard is a controversial photo-montage artist whom bases his work around topics such as war and politics. He is best known for the images which he created for the ‘Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’ in the 1970’s – 1980’s. He switched from painting to photo-montage to further or better reflect his involvement in the anti-Vietnam war movement and reflect his political views. As well as showing his views on the Nuclear disarmament and the anti-Vietnam war movement, Peter Kennard has produced work on the recent Iraq war, indicating the meanings and effects which the war has had on society.

I like Peter Kennard’s work as he has touched on possibly controversial topics, the images which he has produced clearly show what it is the image represents. The image on the right hand side of the page shows of the Earth in a gas mask with missiles coming out of the gas canister and what looks like a form of Helmet used for soldiers in war with a torn and burnt United States of America flag, this photo also shows that it could have been used for the ‘Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’ as it shows that the world is being suffocated by the threat or usage of weapons and war, the bottom photo can mean that countries can fall because of war or that society is being torn apart with the unfortunate deaths of family and friends due to war.

As well as showing his concern about the threat posed by war and nuclear weapons, peter Kennard has also shown his anger and frustration about the political side of war. This image show Ex- Prime Minister Tony Blair laughing or smiling to a camera in front of smoke and fire from an explosion, I think that in this image Peter Kennard has created shows his concern about the choices in which world leaders (such as ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair) have made in the past and that some of them were not for the better in Kennard’s eyes.


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